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Students, alums hopeful for Adams Park restoration

The Charles P. Adams Memorial Park is dedicated to the remembrance of Grambling State University’s founder. 

However, in recent years the park has fallen into disrepair. 

Frederick Carr, the Director of Facilities at Grambling State University is in charge of the park’s renovations, but does not project any major changes in the years to come. 

Carr’s was unaware of and could not pinpoint information about the park’s beginnings. 

Fortunately, Dr. Mildred Gallot, former faculty of GSU, had information about the park, and was able to verify it through documents she kept during her tenure at GSU. 

Under the leadership of former GSU president Joseph Johnson, GSU implemented the Young Adult Conservation Corp program.  This program was awarded $31,405 and oversaw the beautification of GSU by distributing funds to parks, natural trails, campus greenery, and areas for agricultural research.

On Sept. 26, 1981, a park built for student enjoyment was dedicated to Charles P. Adams,

“The park provided facilities for cooking, games, general recreation, comfort stations, and a bridge for crossing over the stream,” Gallot said. “The natural trail goes along a 5-mile area starting at the north end of the campus moving to the south ending at the park.”

The restoration of this park provides students with more recreational spaces, and further exemplifies the beauty at GSU, but without the proper allocation of funds, the park cannot be restored. 

Sheri Williams, an alumna of GSU, remembers her experiences at the now inactive park.  

“We would fry catfish at the park, eat and just have fun as kids,” Williams said. “ I am not expecting it to look the same because it was the early 90s, but I do think this generation of students deserves to see something like it.” 

Students like Williams maintain that GSU officials will be removing an important piece of history from GSU if they do not act to restore the park as it serves as a reminder of Adams.

Carr maintains that the park is routinely checked and  cleared. “The grounds of the Charles P. Adams park is maintained,” said Carr. “ The building needs to be replaced, and that is a funding issue.” 

Students and alumni alike have expressed hope there will be more updates surrounding the progress of the park and not the maintenance of the park to bring back a more collegial spirit to GSU.