RA offers advice on building a successful life on campus

Grambling State University graduate Tatiana Garland (right) offers advice to students on navigating life on campus. Courtesy photo

It’s not easy being in charge, but there are people who make it seem so. Among these people is Tatiana Garland, a pre-nursing major at Grambling State University.

Tatiana Garland has worked as a resident assistant for three years. 

“It definitely keeps me busy,” Garland said. 

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed. Garland has been promoted to senior resident assistant and now oversees the functions of her co-workers.

Garland shared some encouraging words to other resident assistants and those who are interested. 

“It’s a lot of work!” Garland said. “It’s a really good job, though. You learn how to work with people and you still get to be on top of your school work. It’s an office setting, so you learn professionalism and it gives you the opportunity to become and stay organized.”

Although she serves as a supervisor, Garland is friendly and completely relatable.

 “I like to do normal stuff,” she said. “I love watching movies, food, sleeping… Oh, and I love YouTube!” Her personable character makes it easy for her residents to come to her about stuff. 

Garland tries her hardest to steer her residents in a positive direction. 

“They don’t like to hear it, but I tell them anyway, because I think they need to,” Garland said about reminding her residents about residence policies. 

“Follow the rules, because there are going to be rules everywhere in life,” said Galand.

“It’s harmful to yourself to break the rules more than you think.”

Garland comes from a close-knit family consisting of her parents, step parents, her, and her six siblings — four sisters and two brothers. 

Her familial nature helps her bond with her staff, as well as her residents. 

She is also relatable to her residents in that she has recently moved away from her family to start fresh at Grambling. 

“I transferred to Grambling from my school in California,” Garland said. 

“Grambling was a lot cheaper,” Garland said. “I also wanted to experience a different atmosphere. It’s a place where I am able to focus better. My main concern is to graduate. That’s what I need to do.”

Garland graduated in fall of 2019. 

“There are a lot of things that I’m still learning,” she said. 

Garland offered some words that may help others in the long run. 

“Stay focused. Getting through school can be easy if you stay on track,” Garland said. 

“Take advantage of all the opportunities and resources. Go to the Career Center. Join clubs within your major. I wish I had known about all these resources sooner to help my GPA and get internships. Really make sure you are doing something to invest in yourself.”

Garland also offered advice to students are graduating seniors.

“Go to the job fairs,” Garland said. 

“They help so much with determining your future. Look for options well before graduation. You want to be set.”