GSU student launches I.D. Blackids brand

Tracy is a fashion force on campus. Courtesy photo

Tracy Mays is a 21-year-old Senior mass communication major from Las Vegas who is catching the attention of many students at Grambling State University and surrounding areas due to his amazing fashion sense as well as his brand ID.Blackids. 

Tracy’s brand was actually started to promote his radio show on the GSU’s Radio Lab. 

“I felt merchandise would be a great idea to get listeners involved because everyone loves to look great and feel a part of something bigger than themselves”, Mays said. 

The main focus of Mays’ radio show is discuss different themes that pinpoint what it is like to be a black kid and student in the world today and the struggles that many face and can relate to. 

His passion for fashion started at a young age watching his mom’s style when she would go out in the early 2000s. Growing up with sisters Tracy started to help them pick out gowns for formal events such as proms and homecomings which helped him grow into designing and assisting others with outfit choices. Being inspired by big names in design such as Yoji Yamamoto,  Alexander McQueen and Chanel as well as Icons in fashion such as in fashion are Lil’Kim, Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Naomi Campbell, Misa Hilton and Diane Keaton it is easy to understand why Tracy’s style is show-stopping. 

Mays describes his style as ever changing for he never wants to look like the same person day by day, he truly enjoys being free and able to do different things. Although his current brand is making waves Tracy had started on a brand prior to I.D. Blackids. 

”I have always been into design, I’m just now getting back into it so I can incorporate everything I’m doing together,” Mays said. “My first brand was called Divin which stood for ‘Different Vintage’. Sometimes you can catch me on campus wearing leftovers from that.” 

From starting out with a dream that is now becoming realty Tracy is looking forward to being featured in a an upcoming fashion show entitled FEWSHA on April 16. 

“You can expect bright colors, statement pieces and luxurious music to match!” Mays said. 

Mays’ name is  certainly one to look forward to hearing in the fashion industry.