20 Questions

1. Who are the Lady Tigers without Shakyla Hill?

2. Are you getting your side-piece a Valentine’s Day gift?

3. What do males really have to offer?

4. Have you been sticking to your New Year’s resolution? 

5. Is officer bae still around?

6. If it really makes your soul smile while a lot of y’all been frowing? 

7. Y’all really be eating from people’s dorms?

8.  Is it still called Legeands Ave.?

9. Does Foster Johnson really misdiagnose people?

10. Four years natural with no new growth?….Yikes

11.Who’s best nail tech on campus?

12. Did y’all break up because of issues or beause he couldn’t afford Valentine’s Day?

13. Why y’all fighting on fried chicken Wednesday?

14. Did that boy ever find his cream?

15. Who keep pulling the fire alarm?

16. Y’all fighting through the dorms?

17. Why did you go to two interest meetings?

18. Is RudyDaGoat up next?

19. Who finally picked up the ja-lap-a-no’s?

20. Did you take your GRE? yet?

DISCLAIMER: 20 Questions are student-submitted. 20 Questions is intended for entertainment purposes only. Those who can’t take a joke should not read!!!