Phi Beta Sigma hosts ‘Walk Like a Sigma’ interest meeting

Members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. members Dinari Belachaw and Timothy Wright (above) and Miles Porter (left) and Evan Chambers (right). Courtesy photo

The Xi chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. held a “Walk Like a Sigma” interest meeting on Friday, Jan. 17.

The purpose of the event for the fraternity to gain exposure and give the ladies of Grambling State Uuniversity what they’ve been asking for.

The university has seen th e Kappa’s “Shimmy like a Nupe” and
“Alpha Walk” competitions, so it is only right that “Walk Like a Sigma” is up next.

Although we can expect a freestyle, throwback and slow jams round, unlike the other mimic events, the Sigma event is expected to be set apart. 

“We are holding this event for the first time on campus,” said Miles Porter, a history major and member of Phi Beta Sigma from District Heights, MD. 

“Other events have been seen a million times over. The element of surprise and true showmanship is what sets us out from the rest,” said Porter. 

Many times with events held like this, it can also be seem as an even that specifically exploits women.

It has been seen time and time again with other organizations having female students half naked and giving lap dances.

Alot of students and staff feel as if it exploits these students and gives them a bad look on campus, but the Sigmas have made it clear that this s not their goal.

“At our informational, we let it be known that we aren’t doing this to exploit anyone, exactly on the rounds with slower songs,” said Porter. 

“We are mainly holding this event because we’re competing between us brothers of who can put in the best show,” said Porter.

The Sigmas have been striving hard to turn it around for their organization on campus.

Winning second place at the Bayou Classic Step show was a huge accomplishment for the men.

They have also been more present on campus holding events as well as doing community service, this event will be a great one to showcase more of the talents the Sigmas possess.

“I want the girls to interact with the Sigmas I feel people really don’t know who the Sigmas are and can see we are great people to be around put on a show for the campus and have a them understand the difficulty of our signature strolls but the most important thing is to have fun,” Said Dinari Belachaw, a Grambling student and member of Phi Beta Sigma from Los Angeles, Calif. 

With over 30 sign-ups in attendance to the meeting as ell as young ladies still trying to sign up this event is definitely one to put on your agenda.

Walk Like a Sigma is expected to take place during the first week of March.

We can expect many different elements of surprise, ladies having a good time, as well as a safe and fun environment to be in.