Student Perspective

Houston Astros Manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow. Courtesy photo

The credibility to the recent success of the Houston Astros had been called into question months ago when the MLB announced a full-scale investigation into the organization for possible sign-stealing against other clubs.

Immediately speculations flew in from all types of fans and sports outlets, me included as a biased Los Angeles Dodger fan, who watched the Astros pick apart the team’s bullpen to help them secure the 2017 World Series title.

When the news broke on Jan. 14 that it had been confirmed and found that the organization had indeed been involved in the suspected cheating scandal, the floodgates opened.

Between the angry fans of teams who were beaten by the Astros, to Dodger fans and Bill Plascke who believe the team should have the title stripped, to every other speculation and any other harsh punishment they believed the Astros should suffer. 

Of course, the MLB has already suspended GM Jeff Luhnow and Manager AJ Hinch (both later fired by the Astros) in immediate action.

Days after, Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora was released by the club for his ties to the 2017 Astros team that was found guilty. 

Vacating a title for team s a much harder process than everyone collectively being angry at a team for cheating.

As much as I and anybody who cheered for a team that lost to the Astros would like it, the possibility of it remains very low. 

With this issue and the 2017 scandal of the Boston Red Sox who were caught sing stealing oon smart watches, the obvious question that remains is: Are any other teams cheating?

As a fan, it is hard to watch and know that a team has a clear advantage of another due to full on cheating. 

Yes, it will always be the possibility that a team has better players than another, but taking away the little secrecy that a team has trying to creatively beat another team.

I do not agree with the decision, however that no players were even fined over the scandal, even though they actively participated in cheating. If the organization itself has to pay, why not the main culprits that cheated their way to a national title.

Regardless of the outcome, the hope is that teams can play the game fairly from now on and we can see comptition of pure skill and just continuing to “Let the kids play.”