Tory Lanez ‘Chixtape 5’ album review

Album cover for Tory Lanez's latest release "Chixtape 5". Courtesy photo

On Nov 14, the greatly anticipated “Chixtape 5” was released by Tory Lanez. 

Still living on the hype of his “Chixtape 4”, fans were eager to hear how creative he would be with this fifth mixtape. 

Staying true to a 2000’s revamped style the Canadian musician is widely known for his hit song “Say It” in 2016. Lanez then gained more buzz when he released a song in 2014 named “Teyana” confessing his fantasies about R&B singer Teyana Taylor who later put out a response song that was equally musically pleasing. With “Chixtape 5” Lanez provided 2000s samples and featured the original artists of the songs being sampled. 

This was something I was excited for. Let’s get into it! 

The 18-track project was a one hour and 10 minute slow vibe. I chose my Top 5 favorites from the album:

“Jerry Sprunger” 

Lanez gives a 2019 spin to Sprung by T-Pain and T-Pain did not miss a beat with his verse . The song made me feel like it was a totally new song but in a good way . I was eager to know how he was going to execute this classic and he did well !

“Blowin’ Mines//Leah’s Introduction (SKIT)” 

I wish this song was longer . Lanez sings about indulging in illegal recreational activities with a young lady to the tune of Let’s Get Blown and it flowed smoothly , a great save from the previous Snoop and Pharrell sample . 

“The Take”

Sampling Chris Brown’s “Take You Down”,  Brown was able to update a song that was from his younger years and you are able to compare how more mature he has become both lyrically and vocally. 

A very great updated Chris Brown hit that he and Lanez executed. 

“The Cry” 

We haven’t heard a mainstream song from Mario in a long time and it was refreshing to hear his voice on this track. Lanez and Mario complement each other’s voices and the sound was that of a Step Up movie scene vibe. I would like to hear more from Mario after hearing him on this track.

“If You Gotta…” 

Going to school in Louisiana, you start to notice that some artists mimic bounce music. 

I have to say this was a great song that had a touch of bounce in it and both Lanez and Fabulous flowed nicely on the beat. The consistent “Can’t leave you alone” was perfect ! It’s safe to say Fabolous’ voice will NEVER change and his verse sounded like the extended version of the original. 

Overall, Tory Lanez project was well thought out and I enjoyed the throwbacks along with the original artists. I could pinpoint the time and place I heard each original for the first time. It made me fall in love with the song all over again.