ROBINSON: Can energy really be transferred from person to person?

Homecoming cartoon drawn by Sheridan Robinson

Sheridan Robinson is a sophomore mass communication major from Los Angeles.

The body has a mind, body and soul. Any living thing can be affected by a thought, physical contact and spiritual centers. The transfer of energy is something I heavily believe happens in any living thing. 

When energy is transported from the body,  the person is emanating their feelings of subtle energy to someone else. I believe energy can come between couples mostly because the transfer of bodily fluids. The couple can also rub off frequencies on each other depending on how their day presents itself.

A relationship between parents and children can be extremely good or extremely bad. From experience, when my parent is mad at me I can feel it in my soul. The negative energy they give tends to make my attitude very cold. 

Student and teacher relationships usually affect the mind and spirit. If a student gets a bad grade, and struggles in bringing the grade up, their emotions are affected. Their mind is telling them they’re not good enough, while the spirit is holding animosity toward the teacher. 

With colleagues at work, energy mostly affects the mind, unless colleagues share a disagreement. Colleagues have to be on the same page so positive energy needs to be a component of progress. If colleagues do share a disagreement, the spirit can feel unsettled and cause chaos. 

Friend groups tend to affect all aspects of transfer of energy. Friend groups share opinions, lots of touching. And feelings. Five or more bodies together tends to confuse the chakra on how to handle situations. 

People and animals may also exchange energy. When a dog and its master create a bond, the dog feeds off the human’s energy to form their personality. Animals are the same way. I believe animals can exchange energy with one another. Just like humans, they have a mind, body and soul as well. 

In ancient times, people supported this theory. Their belief of transfer of energy was on a different level. They believed that when a person is born, a personality is given, but the soul is immortal. The soul attaches itself to the human, and when the person dies it must find a new plane. This is similar to modern times because I believe the soul is the individual’s identity. When the individual dies, the soul is carried into heaven.

It is important to know that positive energy is higher than negative energy. When negative energy is powerful energy, it becomes dominant. A loving energy is the highest frequency, keep that in mind guys!