MARTIN: It’s pop-out season

De'Vante Martin is a freshman mass communication major from St. Joseph, La.

Pop-out season is a term that most of the young culture are familiar with. It basically means coming out with your new relationship for the world to see. 

Due to the shift in seasons, many people are settling down. That makes this the optimal time to settle down and begin focusing on your relationship.

Popping out brings a lot of shock, haters and motivators. When everyone sees you with your new man or woman, they all have an opinion. 

And with opinions, there comes either good or bad. The good will be the people who support you and motivate you two with congratulations. The bad will be the people who say, “They will not last” or “They just want to be on social media.”

Nevertheless, popping out has deeper meaning than just the clicks and likes it gets. I say this speaking from recent experience, as I had my own little pop out with mine. It gives your partner a sense of security. I also believe it helps build trust in the relationship.

So, when is pop out season? Is it a certain time of the year attached to this? I do feel like there is a certain season attached to it. I think that many people like to have relationships during winter. According to a new Elite Daily study of 119 participants ages 18 to 38, the best month to start a relationship is October.

With that being said, it does not always mean the relationship is going to last. So, are you going to show off your new boo?