Lil Nas X challenges genre, convention with ‘7 EP’ release

Just in case you were asleep for the last four months here is an update on Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X.  

Lil Nas X has did the opposite of making an impact on country viewers. In March Lil Nas X  country-trap breakout hit “Old Town Road” had been pulled from Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart for “not embracing  enough elements of today’s country music.”

The Billboard removing “Old Town Road” was brought to social media platforms, which prompted Billy Ray Cyrus to become a featured artist on a remix of the track. Since this remix dropped in early April “Old Town Road” has enjoyed an uninterrupted presence on the charts. 

“Old Town Road” was No.  1 on the Hot 100 for 11 weeks and has outperformed singles from the likes of Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

With this being said I feel that Lil Nas X brings something different to the table compared to most country music we hear today.  I feel that every music artist has challenged themselves to step outside the box. 

Lil Nas X seems to be still testing the water with his music, but I feel that this album is just the beginning. Lil Nas X will be back with something even better than his first album.  

Furthermore, if I had to rate this album from one to ten, I would give this an eight. This was a good start to Lil Nas X first album,

I would also love to see a collaboration with Taylor Swift or with another country artist. 

My favorite songs from this album are “Old Town Road” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, “Panini” and “Rodeo” featuring Cardi B.

1. “Old Town Road” ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

I feel that this song overall is a bop, it is very catchy and different from most country music. 

Billy Ray Cyrus added a special touch to this song making it a trap and country song. I rate this song a nine out of ten, It was a great start to this album. I feel that this album has definitely shaken things up for the hip hop and country music. 

2. “Panini”

I like this song because it refers to the character Panini from the show “Chowder”. 

I feel that in today’s society cartoons aren’t watched as much. So I feel that this song brings attention to cartoons, and makes me happy to know that people my age still watch cartoons. “Panini” is one of the slower songs on Lil Nas X album, unlike “Old Town Road” or any other song on his album.

3. “Rodeo” ft. Cardi B 

The first few seconds of the song was a sample from the song “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas.  I rate this song a seven out of ten, I feel this song wasn’t as good as the others. 

The song was very boring, the only thing that made this song better was Cardi B, she added rap to the song making it a little more interesting to listen to.