GSU student launches transportation service

Shemary Blake

Traveling around the rural city of Grambling became a little easier with an on-campus transportation service that was launched this semester.

Shema Travels, founded by Shemary Blake, a junior psychology major and biology minor from Shreveport, Louisiana, services the Grambling and Ruston area with car transportation.

Popular ride-share transportation services like Uber and Lyft are known for their convenience, allowing  people to travel easily from one location to the next via a driver’s personal vehicle. 

Blake created her company to help students on campus who do not have a car.

“I got inspired just by the students at Grambling to start this company because I have many friends who do not have cars or transportation, so I thought it would be a great idea to start a service on campus to give a helping hand,” Blake said.

Although Blake’s company is fairly new, as it was launched in August 2019, she has already gained many customers. 

“I have about 30 regular customers here at GSU. I love them all to death! Everyone is so warm-hearted, patient and gentle. My customers know me as the same,” Blake said.

Blake said she believes her company is a local competitor to the major brands like Uber and Lyft, which only serve large cities. The nearest Uber to Grambling is located in Monroe, about 30 miles east of GSU.

“I believe my company is similar to Uber and Lyft. This service does $5 drop offs and $10 roundtrip per person anywhere in Grambling and Ruston,” Blake said.

She said the process of booking a ride is simple. 

“There is a blue car in the profile. This is my business account so anyone can message me. All you need to do is let me know the location and send it to me before the ride. Then tell me the time of pickup, and I will let you know what is available,” Blake said. 

Blake said she actually enjoys driving because she finds peace of mind. 

“I do enjoy driving. A lot of my friends hate driving, but I guess you could say I find peace in driving. Even if I did 20 rides that day, I would be a bit tired but still willing to do whatever for my Gramfam,” Blake said. 

Blake said her service is a bit different from the on-campus shuttle bus. 

“The shuttle bus goes farther in distance than I do, but I feel I am a bit more convenient. I am more available and it is more comforting riding with me. Plus the ride is only based on 3-4 people at a time instead of a bus load and having to go to everyone’s stop,” Blake said.

Blake is looking for other drivers to join her company.

“I will be looking for more drivers who would like to be a part of this company. I am only one person and it gets a bit hectic from time to time,” Blake said. 

Blake said students can request a ride through her Twitter account, @ShemaTravels. 

“I am very quick to respond and everyone works around my class schedule so everything works out smoothly,” Blake said.