Campus photographer records GSU history on a daily basis

Example of Hamlin's photography. Carlton Hamlin/courtesy photo

Example of Hamlin's photography. Carlton Hamlin/courtesy photo


You may know him as a fellow GSU alum, neighbor and friend, but Carlton Hamlin is most well known for his amazing eye for detail in the art of photography.

Carlton Hamlin is also the Digital Photography Coordinator at Grambling State University.

After several years in the corporate sector, working for companies like Accenture and National Oilwell Varco (NOV), Hamlin was introduced to the world of photography. 

“I started photography as a way to make a little extra money but it quickly turned into more than just a hobby,” Hamlin said. “I fell in love with how photography allows you to tell a story. The saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and I think about that every time I get ready to snap a picture.”

Hamlin can be seen at almost every event on campus taking amazing photos. He travels to nearly every sporting event, captures graduation photos and directs marketing shoots to retain and recruit future Tigers.

 “Photography may seem like an easy occupation, but as I share during my workshops it is much more than just pointing a camera at a model,” Hamlin said. “You have to consider your end goal as well as the need of the client and then you snap the picture. 

“Photography is more than what meets the eye, there is a science to getting a quality shot. Exposure, settings and angles must be taken into consideration, as well as many other factors,” he said. 

Hamlin is extremely passionate about his craft. Even after years of being a photographer, he is constantly learning and evolving in the world of photography.

 Hamlin strives to push the envelope by thinking outside of the box as it pertains to capturing images of the World Famed Tiger Marching Band, athletic teams and general student life activities. He utilizes every inch of GSU’s cozy campus, pinpointing some of the most beautiful locations which provide jaw-dropping appeal to every photo.

 Hamlin enjoys networking and connecting with students, faculty and staff. 

“The best part of my job is being able to mentor students on what I have learned in over a decade of being a photographer and really life in general,” he said.  

Hamlin offers students interested in photography opportunities to shadow him as well as gain community service hours for apprenticeships. He is always willing to help students hone their photography skills. 

“I always share the P.I.G. approach (Prepared, Intentional, Great) with students,” Hamlin said. “When they use this approach, they will not only be great photographers but great in whatever profession they choose to pursue.”

Hamlin’s photography skills have landed him in the Bahamas to capture a wedding, at Atlanta’s International Fashion Week, in Los Angeles for a charity fashion show and next summer he will be traveling to Costa Rica to capture a wedding renewal.  

He has had the pleasure of capturing events for the Houston Texans, gospel recording artists David and Tamela Mann, Kathy Taylor and Chester Baldwin, actor Danny Glover and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, just to name a few.

 Hamlin earned his degree in social work in 1999 from GSU. Although his career path has led him to his passion for photography, he still utilizes his social work skills by providing coaching and mentoring to current students. He helps students to understand and identify their passions. 

“You have to work hard and be consistent in whatever you chose to do in life. I love photography and I work hard at it every day,” Hamlin said.     

“My hope is that students see my drive and work ethic, and they are inspired to do the same.”