Lady Tigers lose three straight, questions on team’s play style

With an 0-3 record going into Wednesday’s game against Centenary College, should there have been a cause for concern?

The Lady Tigers have generated offense mostly through their array of lethal perimeter three point shooters and perpetual ball movement.

Although the team plays at a steady pace, the ball never stays in one player’s hands for long and this allows for someone to find themselves open on most possessions.

On the other end of the floor, however, it seems that the diminutive lineup is often thwarted by larger players.

The interior defense is usually identified as a weak point early on in games by the opposing offense and the ball is simply thrown to a looming center down low.

They also seem to struggle to corral the ball after missed shots (on either side of the floor).

This is an easy remedy, they must use their smaller size and quickness to their advantage and be dogged in pursuing the ball (risk the foul since there is usually a size disadvantage).

Since the Lady Tigers can easily light up the scoreboard, they can grow in this regard by integrating more ballhandler screens, offball screens, and slashers to the basket.

This can open up offensive possibilities by keeping the opponent’s defense guessing. This allows the point guard to penetrate and pass to open shooters once the lane collapses.

Alternatively, she may find daylight and either convert the finish or draw a foul for easy free throws (something that opposing teams have done).

Defensively, the Lady Tigers close out perimeter shooters rather well. Teams such as the University of Florida did not hurt them with outside shooting.

With regard to defense in the post, a double team (preferably leaving a weak perimeter shooter open) on a larger player may be of benefit to discourage that course of action.

Or they should play aggressively in the pass lanes by denying players down low the ball. 

The Lady Tigers should look to retain their flamethrower offense while bolstering their defensive presence and rebounding and simply effort and hustle through boxing out.