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Delta Week at GSU filled with learning, service

Members of the Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Savannah Charles, Arshuana Candler and Sarah Renee Garner. Courtesy photo

The Delta Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. hosted their Delta Week October 20th-25th with the theme as “A Force to be REDkoned with”. 

The week covered the sorority’s five programmatic thrusts: economic development, educational development, physical and mental health, political awareness and involvement, and international awareness and involvement.

The week started off on a Sunday with members of the chapter engaging in corporate worship at Mount Zion Baptist Church. 

Monday’s event was titled “College living: Maximizing your money while living in a dorm”. 

The event talked about how students can use their income in the smartest way. Many tips were given by both members of the chapter and audience members.

“I enjoyed the first event of the week because I got to learn how to coupon and save my money while I’m still in college,” Victoria Eggleston, a sophomore from Shreveport, said.

On Tuesday, the students were taught how to check for lumps in their breast at the Self Exam Informational. 

There was also a poster made up of pink hand-prints with a message made during the event. 

The event ended with a candle lighting honoring those who have fallen of breast cancer.

On Wednesday, students were given facts about the voting process and how to register. 

“Delta Iota strongly encourages everyone to get out and vote because things don’t change if you don’t vote,” Joynae Renter, member of the Chapter and Senior from Dallas, Texas, said.

On Thursday, Delta Iota partnered up with GSU Police Department for a self defense class. Participants learned how to escape from someone if they hold you by the arm and block possible jabs thrown at them. 

The Chapter members ended the week with community service at Pecan Villa Nursing Home and Crawford Elementary’s fall festival.