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Ask Ayeisha is an advice column for students. You are able to submit your questions and situations to Ayeisha to receive some advice and suggestions. 

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Ayeisha Gipson is a senior majoring in history. She enjoys reruns of The Parkers, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and shrimp and grits. 
You may catch her at the tiger Den watching BET or the Café enjoying a cupcake. You can reach her via IG @AyeishaNOCurry.


I WANT REVENGE: So I’ve been dating this baseball player from Tech for a few months. I thought he was faithful but I caught him kissing and hugging this girl near Adams. I found out how she was and I went to her snap(chat) and sure enough, he’s cheating. At first, I wanted to fight her but figured we can tag team and get at him. How should I go about this? 


Ayeisha:First things first, you need to work for the CIA. How in the heck did you find her so quickly? It’s hard for me to find my room key yet alone another person. Anyways, have you seen the movie John Tucker Must Die? It’s about some high school girls from different cliques dating the same guy and how they banded together for revenge. In the end, John and the main character Kate agree to be friends and she became good friends with other ladies. 

In retrospect, it was corny. It was corny because I paid $9.25 including a hot dog combo which came out to be $18 in total but I digress. Look beloved, you are wasting your time trying to plot on ol’boy. He’s not worth it. I was in the same situation years ago. The only difference was I wasn’t collaborating with the other girls. I was simply going to bust his windows out his car. The moment I was outside his condo, a voice said: “let it go.” I had to cut him off. It was hard too not because of my ego, my emotions but because he would spoil me. Girl, what man was going to pay for my sew-in (which was $250), nails, take me shopping and pay my mommas gas and electric but I digress.

Sis simply cut him off. Do not explain yourself either. No shade but get tested as well. Not saying he/she has something but you never know. And if you want to collaborate with other women, do it positively. Otherwise, it’s going to get messy and you’ll end up in Judicial Affairs. Trust me, he’s not worth your education. 

Best of luck!