This Week in Photos

Students participating in the Delta Sigma Theta event on the yard. Shamira Hollier/The Gramblinite

 Arshauna Candler’s reaction after being drenched. Shamira Hollier/The Gramblinite

Members of the Delta Sigma Theta strolling during their event. Shamira Hollier/The Gramblinite

Students reaction after entering the Haunted House. Gerrion Dupre/FSUB

Students lining up to  for the Gospel Explosion. Gerron Dupre/FSUB

Dr. Sandra Lee (left) and Michael Dunlap (right), of The Daily Advocate, speak to a class about their experiences in the field of photo editing. Shamira Hollier/The Gramblinite

Miss Grambling Rickenzie Johnikin  and a friend exit the haunted house. Gerrion Dupre/FSUB

A gospel singer in the middle of one of her songs at the Gospel Explosion. Gerrion Dupre/FSUB