Music Review: Kevin Gates “I’m Him”

Rap star Kevin Gates released a new album on Sept. 27 named “I’m Him”. 

Hip-hop listeners were very excited about  Gates’s new album. 

Gates is a Baton Rouge born rapper. Alongside NBA Young Boy, Gates is the face of hip-hop in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

 Nine months after the release of his 2016 album “ Islah” Gates was sentenced to a 180 days in jail for allegedly kicking a fan at one of his performances in Florida. Other charges extended his jail sentence until Jan. 10, 2018. 

Gates released an album in 2018 named “Luca Brasi 3” and is now following with his 2019 album “I’m Him”. 

After listening to his album “I’m Him” I would rate this album a 10 out 10, I believe this is one of his better albums. Unlike other recording artists Gates doesn’t do a lot of collaboration with outside musicians on his albums. I feel that Gates is an amazing rapper, he states facts and speaks about things that people can relate to. 

My favorite songs from “I’m Him”  are “ Bags”, “Fatal Attraction” and “ Say It Twice”.

On “Bags” Gates cannot be touched. On this song he takes off as soon as the track began. This song is definitely a game changer for Gates.  

I feel that this song is very original, upbeat ad a good song to listen to before a party.  

I don’t think there is a voice that sounds close to Gates. His writing is so sharp and on point.  

This song hits so hard that you can hear his aggression.  It’s not like regular trap music or fight music. 

But it does make you want to dance.  

On “Fatal Attraction” Gates’s energy in this song doesn’t slow down. He doesn’t give you room to catch your breath, instead each song bursts into the next.. 

Kevin Gates’ flow is more melodic in this song. In my opinion, I believe this is the most melodic Gates has been yet.  It’s very catchy.  It amazes me to see how such a heavy voice can also sound so light. 

On “Say It Twice” Gates is singing on the hook. 

His voice in this song sounds like he’s singing to the woman of his dreams.   

I feel that this song is a complete switch up. The hook is simple which shows Kevins originality.  

I feel that Gates can sometimes be a romantic. He writes about women with admiration and nothing else. Compared to other songs we hear today, which is degrading towards women. I can see this one having radio potential. The beat is out of this world. It makes me feel like I am floating in the ocean during the golden hour.