UAAM hosts breast cancer awareness event

Members of the Genesis chapter of United Afrikan American Men. Courtesy photo

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, United Afrikan American Men Inc. and Miss UAAM Taylor Graham held a Breast Cancer Awareness event on the yard for Sisters Appreciation Day.     

Sisters Appreciation Day is a day where the organization takes the time to express their appreciation to the black woman.  

During the event, the men of UAAM presented roses to women that passed through the yard.

Graham, a junior, from Chicago, Ill. was recently crowned Miss UAAM in September. She gave students goodie bags and wristbands while advocating for breast cancer awareness. Everyone who participated in the event wore pink in support of the ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ movement for breast cancer awareness. 

Graham felt like this collaborative event with the organization was timed perfectly because of how Sisters Appreciation Day fell on a Wednesday in October. 

“It worked out perfectly,” Graham said, “It being on a Wednesday led to the ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ title.” 

The yard was full of roses and people dressed in pink in support of breast cancer awareness.

This event was important to Graham because of the personal experiences she has had with breast cancer in her family. 

“Both my aunt and godmother were diagnosed with breast cancer,” Graham said. “Breast Cancer Awareness Month really hits home for me. So it was really great to have all these people supporting the veent by wearing pink.”

 Both of her family members that were diagnosed with breast cancer are now cancer free, so Graham understands the tribulations that come with fighting cancer. She also understands that being diagnosed is not always the end of the road which is why she is such an advocate for the cancer’s awareness.

United Afrikan American Men holds Sisters Appreciation Day twice a year, but Larry Short III, the President of United Afrikan American Men, felt like the theme of this certain one was important to have for the organization. 

“We are committed to raising awareness for breast cancer,” Short said. “There are people in this organization that breast cancer has affected personally, so we understand how essential this support is.” 

All members of UAAM made sure it was a point of emphasis that all the women they reached felt appreciated. The goal of the event is to make sure that black women understand that they are important, especially in a society that does not give women credit they deserve. 

“It is important for us as black men to not only be the first, but the loudest when we show praise to our black queens,” Short said. “We, as an organization truly believe that we must protect and respect the black woman because she is the creator of life.”