Tiger Top 5

1.    GOSPEL- DaBaby

I personally LOVE this song. I feel like the DaBaby chose the perfect person to collaborate with. The verses, the beat, the hook, it just flows. His new album rarely had any skips. 


2.    INTRO- DaBaby

This is song is super deep to me. I feel like DaBaby really opened up with this song. Having it as the opening song was a smart choice. It works as a back story to his life. He really opened up throughout the entire album. 


3.    Betta For You-  Kevin Gates 

The whole album is a really nice project. I personally like this song because he made it for his daughter. I think that it is cute that she will have this song to go back to once she is older. The message behind it is beautiful and the hook is definitely catchy. 

4.    Walls Talking- Kevin Gates

I think this song is super relatable. A lot of people have had a period in time in which they feel trapped by their thoughts. Its catchy and I love when artists make music that relate to societal issues. 

5.    Slide- H.E.R. ft. YG 

This combination of artists is dope, fr. I love the softness of H.E.R. but the hood from YG. This song is definitely something you can vibe to.