Sophomore plans to take over the hip-hop industry

Marvin Moore Jr. is a Sophomore English Major with a Theatre Minor from Bastrop, La., who is also known as MTHR3E. Marvin started rapping due to suffering from depression severely throughout his childhood. Battling Sickle Cell Anemia, constantly feeling alone and misunderstood he used rapping as way to express himself and release some of his emotions in a positive light. 

“I feel as though my career is heading in the right direction.  

Grambling has taught me a lot about myself and how to connect with my people. My favorite song so far that I have made has been “The Maze” it perfectly describes the place I was in when I started rapping. A very dark place, but it also explains how I got out of that place”.  

MTHR3E has performed at Wiley College and opened for Aha Gazelle in Atlanta and Dee-1 two popular Louisiana Artist’s. He will be performing at Beats and Treats 2019 at the B.C.M.  at the University of Louisiana Monroe on Halloween at 7:30 as well as Grambling’s Homecoming Talent show and Gospel explosion taking place the last week of October.  

He describes his music as real transparent, raw, articulate, intellectual, numbing yet comforting. “The biggest challenges I have faced are promoting, I can connect with the world once they hear my story but the hardest part is getting the world to interact with me consistentl.

I use to have nerves before performing but I’ve learned to calm them down a lot more now” says Moore. 

With the support of his mom Cathy Caldwell, manager Vincent Wofford, and Eternal Soul Militia Team MTHR3E has been able to continue to grow his career. 

To keep in touch with Marvin he can be followed on all social medias @MarvinMooreJr.