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‘Outstanding’ students inducted into honors college

Graduating seniors for fall 2019 and spring 2020 at the Earl Lester Cole Honors induction ceremony. Graduating seniors receiv’ed letter jackets for participating in the honors college. Media Relations/Courtesy photo

Earl Lester Cole Honors College hosted its annual induction ceremony last Thursday.  

The program inducted over 50 students into the fold. These students have met the requirements of upholding a 3.5 GPA and above. 

Among the newly inductees was the 2019-2020 Miss Cover Girl Kyriah Alex.  

“I feel like I am on the right track,” Alex said. “I feel as if it was confirmation that I am doing the right thing and just exemplifying those values and morals that my parents and my family has instilled in me.”

According to Grambling State University’s website, the mission statement of the Earl Lester Cole Honors College is to increase challenges for academically talented students who desire additional intellectual and unique educational experiences, and who show readiness to take greater individual responsibility for extending their academic, personal, and social development while completing requirements in their chosen degree.

Alex believes the Honors College is not just about upholding self awareness over academics but also over character.

“It is important to know who you are as a person,” Alex said. “Because now you have everybody looking at you to be a role model and pave the way for them. You have to be mindful of your academics as well as your values and morals.”

Jalen Livingston was also one of the new inductees for Earl Lester Cole Honors College.  

“Honestly when I was inducted I was not excited at all,” Livingston said. “But when I saw everybody taking pictures and cheering, it really felt like I had achieved something meaningful on campus.” 

According to Livingston, he received the exciting news when he received his letter to apply. Knowing that his friends have also received the same letter was what pushed him to join. 

“I expect to be surrounded by like minded, very strong willed individuals who get their work done.” Livingston said. “I’m excited to work with my classmates and upper classmates on future projects.”  

The induction ceremony wrapped up by awarding the graduating seniors honors jackets. Tanyaradzwa Magunje was one of the proud seniors that received their jacket. 

“I don’t really think me graduating is me leaving the Honors College,” Magunje said. “With all the tools the college has given me, I will always be a part of it and it of me. However, I will definitely miss the  invigorating class discussions and kaleidoscope of perspectives. The helping hands, and friendly faces in the offices too, they are just wonderful. And my peers as well.” 

Magunje is set to receive her bachelors in criminal justice and paralegal studies at the end of this semester.  She shares her reflections over her amazing experience with honors college as well as what it has meant to her as a student. 

“My experience with the honors college has been nothing less than exceptional,” Magunje said.  “It was a privilege being part of this prestigious organization. How great my experience has been with the honors college cannot simply be summed up into the accurate words; however, I am truly grateful for it.”

Members within the Earl Lester Cole Honors College also receive medallions upon graduating from Grambling State University.  

Several of the new inductees reported they are excited about the new endeavors they have yet to embark on.