Office of Student Conduct hosts underage drunk driving prevention program

A flyer announcing the the prevention program. Courtesy photo

The Office of Student Conduct at Grambling State University hosted a “Preventing Underage Drinking” program on Friday, Oct. 18 in the Black and Gold Room of the Favrot Student Union. 

Hosted by Cynthia Pollard-Roberson, a student assistant in the Office of Student Conduct, the event brought an awareness to underage drinking and how students can lower their risks of consequences that result from underage drinking. 

The event also included a panel discussion. 

The panelists were Grambling State University Police Lieutenant Brian Philson, Pastor Lorie Hopkins-Brown, Ruston Assistant Fire Chief Tommie Woods and campus counselor Kim Gibson.  

Hopkins-Brown spoke about the gift of choice, referencing the biblical tale of Adam and Eve. 

“This gift was first given in the Garden of Eden,” said Hopkins-Brown. “God specifically gave Adam and Eve instructions not to eat from a specific tree.” 

Hopkins-Brown told the crowd of students that God wanted his people to have the ability to choose right decisions. 

“Every choice that’s made comes consequence with those choices,” said Hopkins-Brown. 

Grambling State University Police Lieutenant Philson reminded students that Grambling State University was an alcohol-free campus. 

“The drugs, the alcohol, all of the things that impair us are not allowed on campus. The campus is a dry campus,” Philson said. “Those are state laws that are also campus policy and procedures that can get you in trouble with the Office of Student Conduct.” 

Kim Gibson, a counselor from the Offices of Student Counseling and the Office of Violence Against Women Program, spoke to students about accountability on campus. 

“You guys are responsible for each other. I hear all of the time here that we are a part of a family,” said Gibson. “If this is a family, the way we take care of each is to protect each other, and one of the things that we need to do as a family is not drink when we know we can’t handle it.” 

Ruston Assistant Fire Chief Woods talked about the consequences that comes with underage drinking. 

“Every time you get behind a wheel, and you’re drinking, and you’re intoxicated. You can change so many people’s lives,” said Woods. “You can change your life, the person that you’ve injured or kill, and you change your whole family’s life.” 

Excerpts of newscasts involving consequences of underage drinking were shown throughout the event. 

The event also included appearances from Miss Grambling State University Rickenzie Johnikin and Student Government Association President Stephen Williams. 

“Exercise your gift of choice,” Johnikin told students. 

“Be the leader amongst our generation and just know that your name is a brand. It’s very vital to protect your brand.”  

The event concluded with special presentations from the Office of Student Conduct and a closing prayer from Pastor Hopkins-Brown.