Ethnic foods, crab legs served in the Caf to celebrate International Students Day

A student holds up a serving of crab legs at the International Students Day feast. Courtesy photo

Tuesday, Oct. 22, is a day sure to be remembered by Grambling State University students. 

The International Student Organization (ISO) prepared a feast of home cooked style foods such as curried chicken, jolof rice, jerk chicken, rice and red beans, meat pies, potato salad and coleslaw. 

However, the main attention seemed to be on the Sodexo Magic staff who were serving crab legs, potatoes, corn and sausage. 

Island music filled the Caf as students stormed in.

“The collaboration with the Caf has been in motion,” Casey Henry, a senior and president of ISO, said. “For one, we use the dining hall and not some table outside, two, we use their equipment and kitchen to prepare the meals, three, they sponsor the ingredients to prepare it and we prepare it. Honestly the crab legs had nothing to do with the event. We walked in to set up and saw that Sodexo had crab legs, the chef even told us we had competition.” 

The international feast was very tasty and many students went back for seconds. 

Every day students get a representation of Louisiana culture whether it is music, cuisine, style or slang. Many students were excited to see a different culture being represented.

The event is important because it is one of the ways by which the International Student Organization achieves its diversity and inclusion objective; by offering the domestic/native/local student body a taste of different cuisines from the different countries and cultures that make Grambling the melting pot that she is. 

“Every participant can now say ‘I’ve had this before, the international students on campus introduced me to it’ and so wherever they go and meet someone from let’s say Nigeria or the Caribbean they can offer more to the conversation,” Henry said.