Student Perspective

Sports causes tension between the states. Courtesy photo

Recent arguments around campus have been over The Saints and Cowboys game back in Week 4.

The Saints defeated the Cowboys 12-10 in a close battle throughout the game, which paved the way for great debates.

Around campus Cowboy fans have questioned if the Saints should have really won that game.

The Cowboys fans had been heckling the Saints fans leading up to the big game, since Drew Brees was injured in Week 2.

While the Saints fans had been heckling the Cowboys fans telling them that the Saints will hand Dallas their first loss.

Of course the Saints fan base is stronger and bigger around Grambling due to so many Louisiana natives being here, but the Cowboys fan base comes pretty strong and with a fight.

With these two fan bases being on campus around each other, it only makes the rivalry more intense.

Saints fans argued with the Cowboys fans with an added edge: since their Week 4 win against the Cowboys, the Cowboys have lost their next two games.

Even though the Saints are without Drew Brees, they have faith in their team and Teddy Bridgewater, who was recently assigned the starting quarterback role for the Saints.

The odds of this argument ever slowing down is slim to none. After interviewing a couple people from each fan base, an even bigger debate was revealed.

Most of the people from each fan base resides or were born in the area of these two teams.

Coming with that territorial edge they have debates about which state produces the best football players.

Of course Texas loves this argument because many people across the nation feels Texas has the most competitive football.

But, you can’t count out every other state nor can you count out Louisiana. The biggest debacle would be high school football.

Where the two states argue to pick certain schools that they feel would have a field day with the other states high schools.

This debate may never be resolved due to the simple fact that these schools don’t play each other nor do they encounter each other in the postseason.

On a smaller note, the next debacle resides with college football. Of course most native fans of any state picks the best college team from that state to be a fan of.

For instance, Louisiana natives are big fans of LSU, while some Texas natives are big Texas fans. The biggest debate behind that was the LSU vs Texas game, where LSU won 45-38.

With LSU and the Saints both defeating a Texas team, the Louisiana fan base has more leverage over the Texas fan base.

The last heckling heard from Saints or Louisiana fans period was that Louisiana has two and Texas has zero. 

So is it really about the Saints and Cowboys, or is it about Louisiana vs. Texas?