Movie Review: IT Chapter Two

The movie setting begins in 1989, when the Losers’ Club beat the clown and forced him into hibernation, but club members did not think that he would become accustomed to eating children, every 27 years. 

As the movie continues, the year of 2016 has approached, and a dead body was found in the city of Derry. The person who was killed was cut and sliced, very badly. 

Now, as an adult, Mike Hanlon knows that Pennywise (IT) is back. While the rest of the Losers’ Club  moved away, Mike stayed behind to watch and wait. 

Mike rememberes every detail of the summer 1989 event, causing him to also remember the oath that he and his friends took back in the day, which was to reunite if the villain ever returned.

None of the members from the Losers’ Club  remember the summer of 1989.

The Losers’ Club members grow up, losing their title as losers. Stuttering Bill is  a successful writer now, but does not know how to end a book well. The new kid Ben now has a very successful architectural firm. Richie now a standup comedian, Eddie is an insurance specialist, Stanley is an accountant and Bev and her husband seem to be doing well in life.

The members of the Losers’ Club have all found success outside of Derry and have no intent on going back, but after getting a call from Mike, all the members of the club knew they had to return to Derry. One individual remembered everything from the summer of 1989 and decides to take himself out of the equation. When the rest of the club returned, its members soon realized they had unfinished business with Pennywise. 

For 27 years, IT has waited and plotted. IT lives on fear and blood. This time, It wants to taste something else, revenge.

If I had to rate this movie from one to ten, it would be a seven. After watching this movie, I realized it was not as good as the first movie. I feel that it was not as scary and funny as the first movie, and I did not like the time jump of the movie. In the first movie, the characters were children, and now in the second movie, they are adults. I feel that the years missed made the movie confusing because there was so much time between 1989 to 2016 that went unexplained. 

I also did not like how two characters were killed in the movie, it made me not want to see the next movie that may come out. Overall it is a good movie to see with your friends and family during the Halloween season.