Tiger Top 5

1. “Bottom of the Pot” by Key Glock 

I love this song because it is upbeat and puts me in a party mood. My favorite part of the song is the ad libs, it makes me excited to hear what comes next. 

2. “Icebox” by Kevin Gates 

Another one of my favorite songs because it displays the creativity of Kevin Gates. The song begins with the melody of a guitar and following the guitar is his voice  which gives me chills every time he hits a note. But in this particular song, he brought all chill and positive vibes. I was able to feel the emotion that Kevin Gates was feeling when he created this song.   

3.“Bop” by DaBaby

I love the bass of this song, it makes me want to dance eveytime I hear it. It’s an good song to listen to before you go to a party.

4. “Permanent Scar” by NBA Young Boy featuring YoungThug and Gunna. 

This song is certainly a hit. This is one NBA Youngboy’s slower songs from his album,

5. “Verify” by Jacquees featuring Young Thug and Gunna 

This is another song that I enjoy listening to, the collaboration between all three artists is amazing.  The slow  is very slow but it soothes me when I am in a bad mood. Young Thug and Gunna add a special touch to this song.