State Fair of Texas Rides

The State Fair of Texas was held in Dallas. Courtesy photo

The annual State Fair Classic was nothing short of a good time. 

Every year the football game between Grambling and Prairie View A&M lines up with the dates that the Texas State Fair is open, thus giving the game its name. Before the Tigers and Panthers took the field, fans enjoyed their time with family and friends at the fair. Though everyone loves to talk about the different fried foods and adult beverages offered at the fair, another fan favorite is the rides.

Some may think that because they are college students, hopping on a ride is childish or not worth the tickets, but there are some who still love the thrill. 

“I went to the fair during the game,” Aviana Cornelius, mass communication graduate student from Shreveport, said. “I left after halftime. I went with my line sister Jakayla and Chiara. My favorite ride was not a ride. It was the game [where you had to] climb up a ladder, but I had no balance and fell.”

One of the most notable State Fair rides is the 212-foot “State Fair Ferris Wheel”. Though some may turn away because of its height, it still offers a smooth ride and allows you to see the beautiful Dallas skyline when you reach the top.

Another popular ride is the “AirMax”. This ride is not for the weak-hearted. On the ride, you sit with three other passengers as you get spun in the air, eventually reaching a 360 degree turn. 

“The Flipper” is an adult-version of the teacup ride you would see in the kiddie section. The “cups” hold two passengers at a time and spins uncontrollably. What takes this ride to the next level is the platform eventually raise and spins counterclockwise. #WholeLottaDizzyStuff.”

The eight-lane rainbow-colored slide is smooth and steady, and was a fun way to get a little competition amongst your friends.

One of the most feared rides was the “Rock It.” It appeared to be a tall stick with the passengers at the bottom. The stick rotated back and forth like what a hypnotist would swing in front of your eyes while saying, “You’re getting very sleepy.” While swinging, the passengers at the bottom were also spinning, and the “stick” eventually” swung a full 360 degrees.

Last, but not least, “The Texas Skyway.” This “ride” is the best way to get back across the Midway. You also have the chance to view the entire fair from a bird’s eye.