SLI attends leadership event

The President’s Student Leadership Initiative went to Atlanta, Georgia for the Leading In Transformation Conference. Courtesy photo

Members of the President’s Student Leadership Initiative traveled to Atlanta, Ga., for a leadership conference earl;ier this semester.  

SLI members spent a total of three days attending the Leading In Transformation (LIT) Conference.   

Cam Jackson was one of the 44 members who received the opportunity to attend.  

“The LIT Conference was more of a spiritual gathering,” Jackson said. 

“Many times that people attend these types of conferences they expose you to different tools.”

Students within the President’s Student Leadership Initiative went to various seminars that helped to build their skills as servant leaders. 

Jackson’s biggest takeaway from the conference was the spiritual reflection that he received. 

“I fell in love with the spiritualness,” Jackson said. “I think that a lot of people overlook the whole glass reflection. 

“They do not necessarily work on the inside of themselves instead of working on the outside of themselves,” he said.

According to its website, the National Network for Young Adults’ goal for the LIT Conference was to inspire attendees.  

“This national network offers principled African American clergy and young adults support and mentoring as they further hear, discern and practice their call to ministry,” the website National Network for Young Adults reads. 

“By connecting young adults to a greater network of other disciplined young adults, campus ministers, mentors, and seasoned ministry leaders, we build a pipeline of effective leaders to serve within the church and respective UMC affiliated HBCU campuses.”