PICHON: Women putting a ring on it…

LaJazzmond Pichon

Women proposing to men is an extremely untraditional act and seems to “shake the table”. Many people believe it is not a woman’s place, but I personally do not see any issues with it. If you feel as though you are ready to spend your life with someone, who gives society the right to determine if it is ethical or not?

In America people usually conform to the way things are and the traditional way of things because that is a part of American culture at large and deemed acceptable to the public. I do not see the big deal if a woman decides to propose to a man because that’s her life and their situation. Many people see the act as desperate or a woman doing a man’s job. A lot of women never see themselves proposing to a man at all because they do not feel that is the way it should be. I believe people are just comfortable with the thought of the man proposing because that is what they were seeing growing up and most people do not like change. I love positivity peace and love so if the couple know they want to get married, why does it matter who proposes to who? 

Although I am one of the many women who do not see myself personally proposing to someone, if another female decides to do it I would be excited to celebrate and congratulate her rather than tear her down for being bold and beautiful about the love she shares with someone else.