From the Gramblinite

Last week, GSU President Richard Gallot Jr. spoke to members of The Gramblinite and students in the Department of Mass Communication. 

Gallot expressed concern over an article printed in the Gramblinite on August 29, “Shooting incident during the first week of the school year” and a video of the incident linked to the website. 

Gallot’s concern was that through reporting on such incidents, The Gramblinite is diminishing Grambling’s “brand” by shedding light on a negative situation that happened on campus.

The Gramblinite strives to be an ethical publication but yet transparent in sharing all news in a timely manner.  

The Gramblinite is funded by the students. If you look closely at your fee sheets, you will see that there is a student media line item. 

While we respect the opinions of the administration and President Gallot, we also feel that it is important and part of our duty to operate independently. 

While this will at times put us at odds with authority figures within the community, it is our duty to objectively report on occurrences on campus, whether positive or negative. 

Although we usually focus on positive stories, it is our job to cover everything. It is not our intention to portray the university in a negative manner; however, we must continue to fulfill our duties as journalists and serve the student body and Grambling community as a whole.