Cotton Bowl offered plenty of Dallas nightlife for GSU students

The State Fair Classic Weekend was definitely a weekend to remember. 

The weekend was set in Dallas, Texas, and with the combination of exciting events, the tense football game, and the combination of Louisiana and Texas culture, it left many students feeling drained, but happy that they were there to experience it. 

The main attraction of the weekend was the football game between GSU and Prairie View A&M, but students traveled to also participate in the various different events, and to participate in Dallas nightlife. There were so many events that students had difficulty choosing which events to go to, and it left a lot of people feeling overwhelmed. 

The weekend activities started on Friday Sept. 27. Events included UP on Friday at Union Park Addison, Park Ave Fridays at Park Ave Nightclub, #FridaysAtStatus at Status Nightclub, The Pregame at Townhouse, Triple D Cascade skate party at Southern Skates Roller Rink and various other small house parties and kickbacks. 

On Saturday, Sept. 28, after the game, events included The Jungle at a building in South Dallas, Ovatime at Pryme Bar, Party on The Porch hosted by the Metropolitan Dallas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and FreakNik at a Warehouse just outside of Downtown Dallas. 

Students definitely had options, but with so many options, students found it difficult to choose. 

Some students who were not at least 21 years old said they were left feeling like they wasted a trip. Out of all of the events listed above only two were not 21 and up. Due to Texas doubling down on drunk driving laws and precautions, a lot of clubs have made the minimum age of entry to 21 years old. Many clubs no longer allow entry to 18-year-olds because of the liability they possess to not only the establishment, but to themselves and others. 

Kylah Ingram, a 20-year-old a junior biology major from Houston, Texas, said she felt left out. 

“It just was not a lot of events that I could (not) attend,” Ingram said. “I had fun with my friends and sisters, but I wish I could have participated in the events that the majority of the students were going to.”

Other students enjoyed all that Dallas had to offer. Arlissia Giles, 21, a senior marketing major from LaPlace, La., attended some events and said that she enjoyed them all. 

“This is my last State Fair Classic as an undergrad, so I really wanted to take advantage of everything,” Giles said. 

Giles also serves as Miss Senior on the 2019-2020 Royal Court, so she was fully immersed in the weekend. 

“I also had to work this weekend, so it was just nice knowing that while I was enjoying myself, I was also representing my school,” Giles said.  

Regardless of the event, GSU students surely made the best out of it. The weekend over all had a very positive review which students relayed on social media.

Tracy Mays, 21, a senior mass communication major from Las Vegas, Nev. tweeted “I’m going to need the rest of the week to shake back – @vintagecaption.”

Another student posted a screenshot of his map on Snapchat that showed the location of all of his friends, and captioned the photo. “Son look at how #GramFam leaving Dallas” – @datmayeskid. 

The State Fair Classic ended as quickly as it began, and students are already looking forward to leaving their mark on Dallas next year.