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Bowling alley to open in student union soon

Tigers Lanes is set to open soon. Courtesy photo

Students have been anticipating the opening of the bowling alley at Grambling State University for years. The bowling alley was expected to open for general student use earlier this semester, but the opening has been delayed due to four out of the eight lanes being out of commission. 

Although the bowling alley is closed at the moment, Tiger Lanes is expected to open soon with the working four lanes. Upon the official opening of the bowling alley, the general usage hours are expected to be from 3 to 9 p.m. throughout the week, with some additional time adjustments to accommodate the bowling team. 

The bowling alley finally debuted as a venue for students when the first bowling event “Tiger Bowling Night” was held in summer session I on June 18, 2019, and the first bowling event for the fall semester was held on Aug. 29 and hosted by the Favrot Union Board’s (FSUB) Featured Attraction Committee. 

Taja Tillman, a junior accounting major and the business manager for FSUB, was impressed by the student body’s participation. 

“We had a great turnout and students were waiting outside the doors anxious to get in,” Tillman said. “We did sign-ups online because we wanted it to be a first-come first-serve type of event. We knew that a lot of students were looking forward to bowling and we wanted to accommodate as many as possible. The students had a great time and this was another successful event.” 

In addition to social usage, students and community members can host events such as birthday parties in the bowling alley by renting out the bowling alley for a fee. This reservation closes the bowling alley to the general public for two hours.

“Students will be able to host special events in the bowling alley for GSU students,” Director of Student Activities Sharon Perkins said. “Special events will be limited on the amount of people, and if students are not bowling, they cannot come in to loiter due to space capacity.”

Refreshments are allowed in the common area of Tiger Den, but will not be allowed inside of the bowling alley, and non-students will be charged when using the bowling alley. 

Work study is available for students via the game room who are interested in working for the bowling alley.  The official opening of the bowling alley will be announced through FSUB’s social media pages. To keep up with the bowling alley’s opening and other FSUB events, follow @WhatsUpWithFSUB on Twitter and Instagram.