The Georgia Club is back

The Georgia Club is making its way onto Grambling’s campus and is looking forward to making a mark on the school. Georgia natives across the campus have been jumping at the opportunity to join the organization and help bring Georgia’s culture to Grambling. They are also looking to  advocate for Georgian students on campus while also showcasing GSU  to high school students in Georgia who may not know about the university. 

Elisabeth Barnett, a senior from Leesburg, Ga., is the president of the organization. 

Barnett came to Grambling with the impression that there was already a Georgia Club and was looking forward to becoming an active member of the organization. When she found there was not an active club, she knew something must be done about it. 

“When I learned that there was no Georgia Club, I was determined to start the club,” said Barnett. “I knew that there were students from Georgia who felt the way I felt and needed something here at Grambling that would remind them of that back home feeling.” 

On Aug. 26, Barnett was brought students from Georgia together and initiate the relaunching of the Georgia Club. 

“The main goal is to have our Georgia student body do community service for our school and the city, while also networking and having fellowship amongst each other,” said Barnett. “I also want to bring the culture of Georgia to Grambling by hosting events and different activities that I know would be enjoyed by the students of Grambling.”

The newly crowned Ms. Georgia, Faith Daniels, a sophomore from Atlanta, also has high expectations for the group and believes that it will become one of the more favored organizations on campus. 

“I feel like Georgia as a state has an entirely different culture from any place in the country,” Daniels said. “We plan to be active on our campus, hosting original and never before seen events which will separate us from other organizations on campus.” 

Daniels came to Grambling to get away from home and help her branch out and grow as an individual. She hopes to help other students from Georgia do the same. 

“I know in the Metro Atlanta area, a lot of people don’t know about Grambling State University or even HBCUs outside of Atlanta,” Daniels said. “I know if our organization was able to reach out to those students, we could spark an interest and help bring more students to Grambling.” 

As the school year goes on, the Georgia Club plans on becoming an organization that will continually grow and benefit all people that it comes into contact with.