Know Your History

How well do you know the history of Grambling State University? Below is a quiz you can take to test your knowledge. Questions range from extremely easy to some only a true GSU historian will know. 

Take it first off the top of your head, going for what you know; then take it again, looking up the information. Compare your scores, and inform The Gramblinite on how you did, via email or social media.

1.    What is the name of Grambling State’s founder?

2.    How many presidents has GSU had?

3.    Name the presidents in order.

4.    What president served the longest?

5.    What president served the shortest?

6.    Name all the first ladies of the university.

7.    Where is the founder’s home located?

8.    Where is the president’s home on campus located? 

9.    What was the original name of Grambling State University?

10.    Who is the university – and town – named after?

11.    When did GSU move from being a college to becoming a university?

12.    What years did the first four-year graduates attend Grambling College?

13.    Name the children of GSU’s founder.

14.    Who is Long-Jones Hall named after?

15.    Who is Jewitt Hall named after?

16.    Who is Lee Hall named after?

17.    Who is McCall Dining Hall named after?

18.    Who is Favrot Student Union named after?

19.    Who is Earl Lester Cole, the man the Honors College is named after?

20.    What was Coach Eddie Robinson’s record (wins-losses-ties)?

21.    What season did the Grambling football team earn the distinction of being unbeaten and untied on?

22.    When did GSU win its first SWAC football title? 

23.    Name two Grambling baseball, football and basketball players who made it to the professional ranks.

24.    The Gramblinite was previously called by two different names. What is one of them?

25.    When was The Gramblinite first published?