Individuals — including students — who came after founders continue to build on their achievements

Founder’s Day is a traditional day or a very important day in a school calendar or university campus. Founder’s Day is for the people who founded the school, named it and made history. Most students who attend universities don’t know the history behind their schools. That’s why it is important to acknowledge Founder’s Day on campus. Even though the founders aren’t here, it is still generous to recognize everything they have done. 

I believe Founder’s Day should be celebrated or admired every year on the campus. It is important to take students on a tour around the campus and show them everything that the founders accomplished. It is also important to teach them in class why they should know these things. 

I attend The Grambling State University. Every year in September, we acknowledge our founders by having a convocation and taking students on tours. During my freshman year I was taken on a tour to Charles P. Adams’s gravesite, the back of campus on the old roads, etc. I never knew these things before coming to Grambling. But once I enrolled in Freshman Year Experience, my professor made sure she took us on a tour and told us about Grambling’s background. If people don’t do their research they won’t know the history. But it is also great to see it in person, so you can become familiar with what it looks like and why certain things were taking place in certain areas. The university was founded in 1901 by the great Charles P. Adams but the city is named after a white sawmill owner. Not everybody realizes this.

The university is becoming better and better each day with new things coming to the campus. Grambling is doing well with everything they are doing around campus for the students and faculty. 

I’m glad I was able to learn about how was it founded, who founded it, and all the magnificent things came with finding this university. Founder’s Day isn’t just for the people, it is also about the background and education. Most people think it’s only about the community and the people who found it. I believe it’s about the many achievements of individuals who found it, and about the students who can come together to do things to celebrate the campus, and to remember that we are important as the school.