GSU students inspires with life story, clothing brand

Javante Bailey developed his clothing brand ‘Damaged Love’ with a story in mind. Courtesy photo

“I come from a damaged city, from hurricanes, poverty-stricken neighborhoods, rampant crime, to seeing my family struggle,” Javante Bailey a New Orleans native, said. 

Bailey is currently completing his third year at Grambling State University where he is working towards obtaining a degree in business marketing. Not only is he a full-time student but he is also a budding entrepreneur. Bailey is the designer and creator behind the clothing brand known as “Damaged Love”. 

Growing up in New Orleans, a city full of tradition and history, Bailey was drawn to fashion at a young age. 

Upon graduating from Chalmette High School he knew that he specifically wanted to attend a historically black college or university (HBCU) to further his education. He was influenced by his oldest cousin who had attended Grambling State University and would come home from breaks and tell him stories about campus life and activities. Bailey enrolled at Grambling State University in 2016. 

In the midst of completing his studies, Bailey decided to bring his lifelong dream of creating a clothing line to fruition. 

“When I think about my city, the first thing that comes to my mind is the damage that my community has been through,” Bailey said. “But in the end what matters is that people reach back and return the love, that’s why I named my brand ‘Damaged Love’.”  

From basing his designs from his life stories to spreading love throughout the city, Bailey has even partnered with local vendors setting event plans such as back to school drives and feeding the less fortunate. 

“People deserve love, it is stronger than any medicine you could ever prescribe,” Bailey said. 

Bailey continues to use his gift for fashion to motivate others to shoot for their dreams, reminding them to never let where you come from determine where you end up. 

“I don’t plan on just stopping at apparel, I also hope to create programs that will help my city bandage up some scars, New Orleans is my home and I love my city,” Bailey said. 

Currently, Bailey’s clothing brand offers shirts, shorts, hats and hoodies for sale. 

As a young boy, Bailey was not raised under the same roof as all of his siblings due to unforeseen circumstances. Bailey’s mother passed away when he was seven years old and his father was in and out of jail throughout his adolescence. Bailey, the oldest son of his mother’s six children, was raised by his aunt and uncle. 

Despite being physically separated from his five siblings as they grew up, the family maintained a bond that could not be broken by any amount of distance. 

As Bailey grew up he made sure that he set a high standard for his younger siblings. 

His younger siblings have followed in his path of success. Some have chosen to attend college, one is currently a chef and another is pioneering a hair salon. 

“I want my siblings to want more for themselves than what our environments have to offer us,” said Bailey. 

Bailey’s following grows day by day, as he is stealing the hearts of people who hear the inspirational story that this young man has to tell.