FRANKLIN: Being vegetarian in Grambling… is it truly feasible for college students?

Jasmine Franklin is a sophomore mass communication major from Chicago, Ill. 

Looking at the title above your probably thinking one or two things…You may think I’m a maniac because I don’t eat meat or you may think it is an interesting lifestyle. 

I’ve been a vegetarian for four years and I don’t plan on eating meat ever again in my life. I understand many people in the south, specifically Louisiana, cannot fathom not including meat in their everyday meals however, this doesn’t mean students who do have dietary restrictions shouldn’t have as many options on campus.

When the university announced that we would have a new food provider with more vegetarian options, I was excited until I realized the vegetarian options practically stayed the same as last year, if not decreasing. 

It gets very repetitive eating salad and fries everyday. The other options on campus are Taco Bell and Subway. Because the cafe has not improved this year (in most aspects), I’ve used almost all my Tiger Bucks at Taco Bell. Each semester on average students pay approximately $2,000 for “meals, mailbox and laundry”. That means the total amount the university is obtaining is about 10.4 million each semester. I understand there are many factors and fees the university has to take into consideration, however I still believe more options should be provided with the use of the students money.

Vegans do not eat any animal products so no meat or dairy. It is almost impossible to be a vegan on campus because there really aren’t many options for these students. 

Although a small percentage of students on campus are vegetarian and vegan, these students are just as important. We pay the same amount of money as everyone else for extremely less options.

I challenge administrators, the McCall Dining staff managers, and even students to change their diet and try being a vegetarian for a day, or even a week. 

Not only will you notice changes in your overall body’s health, but I believe this will also allow administrators to see the struggle of being a vegetarian in Grambling.

 I don’t believe the university understands the importance of eating healthy. Many of the vending machines are filled with pop and chips. 

The healthy food options in the cafe our clearly outnumbered by the unhealthy options like pizza, burgers and fries. 

With the obesity rate rapidly increasing in the country, Grambling needs to step up and not only create more vegetarian options, but serve healthier food overall.