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Bowling alley to open in student union soon

The bowling alley is located inside Favrot Student Union near the Tiger Den. Jasmine Franklin/The Gramblinite

Sept. 24 was a highly anticipated day for students, faculty and alumni as they anxiously waited for the release of the 2019 Homecoming Concert Artists. 

The Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB) has been working on homecoming since last spring and throughout the summer to ensure that the alumni and students will be satisfied with the week of activities. 

“We wanted to come up with a fun way to bring the students together to release the artists,”  FSUB President Arshauna Candler said. “Brainstorming with the advisory board we agreed to play the songs backwards and have students guess the artists on the yard.” 

Unfortunately minutes before the release event the names of artists were slowly being leaked through social media outlets and group chats. The FSUB team held their composure well and continued on with the event to clear up any speculations or confusion. 

“It’s upsetting that we work so hard for a lot of our work to constantly go unnoticed,” Candler said. “When other departments release our information it causes confusion, then we have to clean up a mess that was not made from our department. A lot of the times our credit is given to other organizations and departments so it can get frustrating, but I am extremely thankful for those who do acknowledge all that we do.” 

DJ Twins were given the list and students were in complete joy finding out that we will be having Monica, Joe and Ari Lennox. 

“This is a very creative line-up being that we have an artist for everyone, Ari is more for our generation but has songs alumni may like,” Kennedi Kirkline, a senior biology major and co-chair of hospitality for FSUB, said. 

“Joe is a throwback artist that I even listen to, and Monica gives us the best of both worlds a lot of my classmates listen to her and she has been around since the 90s so I know the alumni will love her.”

FSUB leaders said student activities board continues to improve yearly and students had twitter booming all night due to their excitement.