Baseball team brings on new trainer

Marcus Miller

The Grambling State baseball team has brought on new trainer Marcus Miller.

Miller is currently a junior in his undergraduate year and will be pursuing a master’s degree in sports medicine.

“Coming to Grambling State was an honor, coming here to work under Ms. V (Vernita Young) and also working with the athletic departments here is amazing,” Miller said. 

Miller, who works with baseball  as well as football said he has learned so many great things. Miller, who is originally from Miami, Fla., has found his way here to Grambling State University.

“Working with baseball I’ve learned the game and made great relationships with the players, coaches, and the staff,” Miller said.

Going for his degree in sports medicine Miller had an incredible journey.

“I would love to go to back home and become the head trainer for the Miami Dolphins or the Miami Hurricanes,” Miller said. “Those are my favorite two teams and that has been a dream since middle school.”

Miller suffered a horrible back injury in high school playing football that gave him that passion to pursue his degree in sports medicine.

“When the injury happened two discs slanted and cause great pain in my lower back,” Miller said. “I had to go threw the surgery procedure and that had altered the way I walk. I have to sit up correctly all the time just to avoid the pain. It pushed me to become a trainer more so because I know about the game of football and I want to be able to help younger guys with their injuries and to prevent what happed to me.” 

Working with the football team here Miller has realized how many injured can occur. 

“Working with just the football team itself when the players get older you feel those smaller injuries,” Miller said. “They take a toll on your body and all that builds up, that is the reason why coaches now don’t fully tackle at practice. They need to keep their players healthy. Having the right equipment is the key, you can’t have certain medicines and also the wrong tools for the wrong sports. Certain sports need different things.” 

Baseball has been where Miller has been working at the most. “The baseball team are my boys they took me in last year and treated me like a player,” Miller said. “The coaches bought me in and I feel a part of the team. The best part of baseball season is traveling to different places and going winning then the things you learn about other people and also just being around different cultures is amazing.” 

Miller will be the trainer for baseball this upcoming season. 

“Baseball players are just as complicated as football, their body’s need to recover and is baseball throwing the ball you pop so many nerves in your arm and people don’t know that,” Miller said. 

“That’s why you should ice and soak after you throw. Not doing the recovery treatment is how you  hurt yourself and make our job as trainers much harder.” 

 Miller will be graduating in the fall of December 2021 in sports medicine. He will be looking to pursue his master’s degree either at GSU or Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Fla.