Tiger Top 5

1. Lizzo Truth Hurts

I feel that this song makes you realize the harsh reality of life. We all have our moments where we try to convince ourselves that things may not be what it seems but in reality it really is. I feel that Lizzo highlights this idea in her song making it a hit not only to me, but to people who can connect with her. Truth Hurts, overall is a good song and is fitting for for any mood. 


2. As I Am  H.E.R

This is one of my favorite songs from her 2019 album “I used to know her”. H.E.R soft voice comforts me, relaxes me when I’m having a rough day or when I need mental health day H.E.R is always there to save the day. 


3. Khalid- Better

Khalid is one of my favorite artists, his voice gives me chills every time he hits a note. But in this particular song, he brought all chill and positive vibes. Khalid’s voice made me believe that things would get better for me. 


4. Playing Games Summer Walker

 I was so excited to see that Summer walker had released a new song, it had been a while since she released her first song “ Girls Need Love, which was also a hit.  Summer Walker is another artist that I could listen to everyday. Her voice is mesmerizing, and always makes me feel better when I’m down.   


5. Mustard Ballin ft Roddy Ricch

I’ve never heard of any of these artists until I heard this song. I remember hearing this song at a party and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The more I listened to this song the more I fell in love with it.