Get laid and slayed on campus

Many students around campus already booked with Sumrall for her nail services. Jasmine Franklin/The Gramblinite

Hair is the  most prized possession for a lot of women. 

Whether your hair is long, short or colored, women love to keep up with the latest hairstyles. 

Having an awesome hairstylists is like having a best friend. When young women go away to college or move, it can be a sad occasion if you do not find a hairstylist. 

There are numerous students who come to Grambling leaving behind their long-time hairstylist. They are clueless when it comes down to finding a professional hairstylist. Most students go back home to get their hair done because they feel as if there is no one in the surrounding area that are trustworthy to style their hair. 

Well, there’s no need to worry about your hair, because Grambling has an on-campus hair salon. Students pass by the yard all the time, but have you noticed the salon? 

The salon is located between the bookstore and the student union.

Stylist Thelma Ford is a licensed cosmetologist and barber. 

Ford has been doing hair all of her life and has been licensed for 12 years. 

She first started her business when her sister, Cheryl Ford, was in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Ford’s sister knew it was her dream to have her own salon so she helped to start her business. She is the only stylist inside of the salon. 

Ford said that her primary mission “is to provide the highest level of customer service to each client, thereby establishing a long lasting relationship of trust and commitment.” 

Ford said her professionalism allows for clients as well as the students to have “the utmost beauty experience.”

In the light of having a salon on campus it is very beneficial to students. 

Students do not have to travel far to get their hair done. Nor do students have to tussle with their own hair. These are the many perks of having a salon on campus. 

The majority of the clients who frequent come to the salon are satisfied with their results. Sophomore Trinity Miller has been to the hair salon more than once and was satisfied every time. 

Miller said her experience with stylist Thelma Ford was “very welcoming, funny, and polite.” 

She also expressed how she was satisfied with her service and happy that the salon accepts G-Flex which is a good way to save money.

The salon hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

The services that are provided are: sew-ins, quick weaves, custom wigs, relaxers, shampoo and style, coloring, and frontals. 

The salon accepts G-Flex, so students can not only look good but also save money. Walk-ins are welcome and the stylist also goes off of appointments. 

Students can call or walk in for the price of service. When the time comes around to special events held at school, do not hassle with trying to travel back home. Instead of calling your hairstylist back home and making a long trip to get your hair styled, stop by the salon on campus and get “laid and slayed.”