Elle Varner’s EP was worth the wait

Ellevation EP cover. Courtesy photo

The moment that you’ve all been waiting for is finally here, Elle Varner Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter has returned with her project titled Ellevation via Entertainment One. In 2012 Varner released her first album “Perfectly Imperfect” and now she has made her return with her new album. Varner’s album has been named Album of the Year. 

As I listened to all nine songs, I enjoyed listening to Varner express her feelings on relationships, I was able to learn a few things myself which led to good conversations with my friends. 

I was excited to see that rapper Wale appear as a feature on one of Varner’s songs. Wale is another artist who has been hiding, from making music. But Varner and Wale’s collaboration on the song “Pour Me”, gave off positive vibes, peace of mind and overall it was soothing to my ears. If I had to give an overall rating for this album it would be a 9 out of 10. 

Varner’s first single on the album is “Coffee on the Roof”. 

Varner’s smooth opener allowed me to connect with her within the first few seconds of the song. In the song, Varner explains the ups and downs of a relationship. As I listened to this song I was able to relate to some of the things she spoke about, which made me want to hear more. 

My top four favorite songs from this album would be “ 1 To 10”, “Kinda Love”, “Pour Me” and “Coffee on the Roof” . 

On “1 to 10” Varner explains how she tries to save a relationship that was on the rocks, but it doesn’t end well and now she has to deal with a broken heart. This song overall was well orchestrated and you can tell that Varner was speaking from the heart. I was able to feel every emotion that Varner felt. 

We all know that getting over a breakup isn’t easy and will take time. Varner, tries to keep her head up as she moves on with her life. But as Varner moves on, she realizes that she can’t stop thinking about her special someone. As the song comes near an end Varner compares her ex to being stuck in her head like a “Number One Song.” 

Varner helped me to realize that there’s always a lesson to be learned in a relationship especially during a breakup. 

On “Kinda Love,” Varner makes her standards clear and known. 

“I just want good loving and some conversation, if you ask me, that’s quite a combination and I want that elevation,” she sings. 

Ellevation was an amazing album, it showed the soft and sensitive side of Varner that many women may be afraid to show. I feel that this album has given me knowledge and inspiration on how I should do things differently later on down the road. Varner also did a great job with connecting with her audience and the sound of the music is great quality.