The rising of a G.O.A.T.

Students rock their Chevre appreal around campus. Diamond Hawkins (left) Chris Dennis (right). Courtesy photo

Khaleel Paskel. Courtesy photo

Khaleel Paskel, a 21-year-old junior at Grambling State University, is making major moves as a business owner with his up and coming clothing brand, Chèvre. 

The word Chèvre, is the french pronunciation of the word “goat”, a term often used when referring to the ‘Greatest of All Time’. 

The Arkansas native, uses this ‘G.O.A.T.’  narrative to promote his brand to ensure customers that every product they will purchase will be of great quality at a great affordable price. 

The name Chèvre is in itself a standard and Paskel intends to meet that standard with every product his brand has to offer.

Paskel puts a great amount of focus on the way his customers feel and react to his clothing. 

“If you have on my clothing, I want you to feel great in it,” Paskel said. 

He feels that his quality of clothing along with the urban designing is what makes his clothing different from other brands. 

“At Chèvre we strive daily to provide our customers with original and exclusive street wear that you will feel great in.” Paskel said.

He feels like people appreciate products more when they can literally feel the high quality of it. 

Paskel takes pride in this and always assures that Chèvre’s product will meet that high quality standard for the customer. 

“Our team takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality of products at the most reasonable price,” Paskel said. 

The reasonable pricing of Chèvre’s clothing helps draw more people to the brand. These customers can be confident in knowing they will receive great quality clothing without having to break the bank. 

The inspiration behind Paskel’s brand came before he got to Grambling. Chèvre was created in January 2017, when Paskel was an 18-year-old. 

Starting from an early age, Paskel had always been recognized for his unique sense of fashion. Growing up, he moved a lot which created a disconnect within extra curricular activities he would participate in. 

The one thing that always remained consistent for him, was his style. “All of the moving I had to do when I was younger kept me away from a lot of things,” Paskel said, “The only thing I would always have with me was my clothes.”  

Paskel’s peers noticed this unique sense of style wherever he was. This recognition grew to the point where his peers in high school would call him “The Goat”, thus inspiring the name of the brand. Paskel felt like, with his style, he could be beneficial to other people looking to wear stylish clothes while feeling great within their own style.

Paskel has been focusing on making business moves that will improve his brand. Recently he added 30 brand ambassadors, to help expand Chèvre towards different groups of people. 

These ambassadors wear and promote the brand to the people that follow them, helping bring Chèvre more clientele and greater exposure. As the year continues, Paskel’s focus is to continue to expand his brand and expose more people to the Chevre’s GOAT experience.