Revenge of the Dreamers III is “amazing”

Revenge of the Dreamers III album cover. Courtesy photo

J. Cole and Dreamville collboarted on this project creating 18 songs, including artist Ari Lennox, EarthGang, JIB and Bas. 

I feel that this album has definitely shakened things up for the hip hop and R&B genre. 

But as I listened to all 18 songs, I realized how diverse the album really was, adding a different artist to the album allowed us to hear the poetic side of each artist. If I had to give an overall rate for this album it would be a 10 out of 10. 

My top three favorite songs from this album would be “Under the Sun” featuring the DaBaby, “Wells Fargo” featuring Buddy & Guapdad 4000 and “Self Love” featuring Baby Rose.

“Under the Sun” begins with the sample from  “I’ll be Waiting for You” by the Argo Singers, within 30 seconds of the song it was very calm but when J. Cole, Lute and DaBaby joined in the tempo of the song increased making it more upbeat. I felt this part of the song showed diversity and how J. Cole did not only try to reach the younger generation but also the older generation. The incorporation of the sample made the song a lot better in my opinion. Lastly, I liked the hook that  Kendrick Lamar created  for this song, it added a variety. 

Another one of my favorites was “Wells Fargo”. I think this song was the wildest out of the whole album. The song begins slow but when the beat drops, everybody on the track goes crazy (artist Buddy & Guapdad 4000) screamed the lyrics “We bout to rob a Wells Fargo” , which was my favorite part of the song. “Wells Fargo” definitely brought a new element to the album making it more fun and upbeat for the listeners. 

“Self Love” featuring Baby Rose is a favorite of mine because it more of a softer song and it has a good message. Self love is a song about loving yourself, compared to other songs that I’ve  heard on the radio that aren’t always positive. It gives off good vibes, a positive message, and the voices of both Ari Lennox and Baby Rose sooth me every time I listen to this song. Both Ari Lennox and Baby Rose were both very good artists for this song, they brought comfort and peace to the album.