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Pizza Hut now open in Tiger Express

Pizza hut is open inside of the Tiger Express located near The Yard. Jasmine Franklin/The Gramblinite

The Pizza Hut station opened in the Tiger Express on Wednesday, Sept. 11. 

Alan Johnson, general manager for SodexoMAGIC, expressed how exciting it is to have Pizza Hut in the Express. 

“We are super excited,” Johnson said. “Today is the first day of operation, we were cleared by the fire marshal yesterday.”

Pizza Hut is one of the new vendors that were included in the renovation of the Tiger Express after the announcement of the partnership between Grambling State University and Magic Johnson’s food service provider SodexoMAGIC in July. 

Located in the convenience store within the Tiger Express, the new station’s menu items include bread bites, pepperoni, cheese and supreme pizzas, as well as chicken alfredo and the meaty marinara pasta. 

The menu also features Pizza Hut’s Wing Street Wings in different varieties, including hot and mild wings. 

Johnson said that SodexoMAGIC is in preparation to unveil plans for phase two of Pizza Hut in the empty area in the Express store. 

Johnson said that Pizza Hut and its menu items have been a big hit with the students. 

“My favorite menu item is the cheese pizza,” Kennedy Jones, a freshman English major from Nashville, Tenn., said.  

Jones said that she likes to cover her pizza with parmesan cheese. 

Nyah King complimented the chicken alfredo but said that the service of employees need to be improved. 

“Customer service is good but they are slow,” King, a freshman mass communication major from Dallas, Texas, said. 

Pizza Hut station’s hours, in accordance with the Tiger Express store, are from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays.