JOHNSON: Is Sodexo a better food providing than Aramark?

Michelle Johnson

After the first week with Grambling’s new food provider, Sodexo, it already seems as if we’d been bamboozled. 

Okay, we got new plates, an ice cream machine, and painted walls. 

Despite the “changes” I  soon realized: the more things change, the more they stay the same. One week I recall eating chicken almost every day. I ate so much chicken I thought I was gonna turn into a chicken. 

One day the cafe was even serving hot dogs and weenies as a main dish. It’s the same old pizza, chicken and burgers daily. 

The food at times is undercooked, greasy, and overall unhealthy. As a predominantly African American institution I believe we should be educated on our health risks. 

Studies show African Americans are the top ethnic group who suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes.  

Studies also show these health conditions are mainly caused by the food we consume. 

To ensure prevent the Grambling student body from developing these health conditions I think we should act fast. 

I know we were promised change and more food options, but as of now I just know I’m not receiving my tuition’s worth. 

I think we all thought the 24-hour service was a great idea, but the least they could do is serve more than pizza and cereal. 

After a long day of classes, many students are unable to make the regular cafe hours. 

The extension is appreciated. Though I must say, hard-working students deserved more than two options. 

I believe students should be provided with the same dinner options. 

In addition to the food, the overall customer service is lacking. 

When respectfully voicing opinions of the cafe workers give the impression that students are ungrateful. 

We hate to constantly report the bad service, greasy food and uncooked burgers.  

We simply want to live healthy lives. I refuse to believe this is the image of Sydexo or even Magic Johnson for that matter. 

Many students are hesitant to voice their opinions because of fear they won’t be heard. 

I propose a few ways we can go about bringing change.  

First, by listening and being transparent. Change can only be brought about if our voices are being heard. 

Secondly, ensuring that fresh and healthy options are being served. At times, it seems as if the food isn’t even freshly served.

Lastly, a suggestion box where students can submit their weekly complaints would increase communication between students and faculty.