Air Force cadet using military career to pay for school

Jonathan Wallace. Courtesy photo

After graduating from high school, many students go to college where there is a wide range of studies to choose from and endless opportunities to discover. 

There are many reasons why people go to college. Some people go because they want to, some go because they feel that they have to, and some may even go because they think that they have no other option. 

Jeremy Coleman, a junior at Grambling State University, falls into a category of students who feel college is too expensive and have enlisted in the military as an alternative to help pay for their education. Coleman enlisted United States Air Force and enrolled at Grambling State University in the hopes of being the first in his family to bring home a degree

“My initial reason for going to college is [that] I’m the first person to do it in my household,” Coleman said. “I wanted to break the chain of not getting higher education.” 

Coleman feels the time he has spent at Grambling State was beneficial. 

“College has definitely prepared me for life, I had no time management skills and I really didn’t support myself,” Coleman said. “All that has changed now.”

Even though he made the choice to attend college, Coleman he has always been drawn to the armed services. 

“The military was something I was interested in as a child, so it was an easy choice for me to enlist in the Air Force,” Coleman said.  

Coleman uses the opportunities offered by the Airforce to add on to what he has already obtained from Grambling State while also paying for his education. 

Whatever he does his education will be paid in full. Coleman feels that the Air Force was a great option for him.