SLI holds interest meeting

The interest meeting for the Student Leadership Initiative was well-attended. Courtesy photo

Last Friday, the Nursing Building was packed with future student leaders looking to become a part of the Student Leader Initiative, an on-campus student-led organization. Participation increased as the night passed by and students quickly expressed their interest in this organization. Students were very attentive, and expressed their interest by writing down important information and asking questions.

The meeting provided information about the importance of what it takes to become a great leader, and how the organization can help future students better themselves in every aspect. 

Joshua Burley, president of SLI, explained what separates the organization from others. 

“This organization allows you to work on yourself and develop all the necessary traits needed to become a true leader. SLI is a very strong minded group of people who have the tools to be great,” said Burley, a senior mass communication major from Corinth, Texas. 

Students attending heard from SLI members and the accomplishments they achieved as a result of being in the group. 

Fabian Carter, a senior from Grambling, said he appreciates SLI for strengthening his integrity as a leader. 

“SLI has really molded me to be the leader I am today,” Carter said. “It has shown me all the steps to become the best version of myself and has taken my leadership abilities to the next level,” he said.

In what some in attendance described as an inspiring message, Beverly Hercules, the director of the group explained the organization’s goals. 

“In this group, we are all here to accomplish a common goal, and that is to become better leaders,” Hercules said. “The group has many different conferences in different states with other leaders that gives them the chance to network with others, and see what effective leadership looks like.”

Many in attendance said the meeting was a success and gave the students something to look forward to next semester.  

After the meeting had concluded, some of members of the organization stayed around having fun singing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company. For those staying behind, this created a family-like atmosphere.

They noted that this SLI event was organized and executed by the students in the organization.