Young Thug’s Album was ‘Iconic’

Courtesy photo

Boundary-breaker, Young Thug finally decided to grace the world with his new album entitled ‘So Much Fun’. 

The album most definitely exceeds the title by being something I haven’t been able to take off repeat. Being that this is his first album of the year, fans have been anxiously waiting for the release.

The artist is known for his out-of-the-ordinary sense of style, which some find as cross-dressing. On the cover of his 2016 album titled ‘Jeffery’ he is seen in a ruffled blue dress. The cover art caused a lot of gossip during that year. 

The 28-year-old Atlanta artist has always been the face of foreign when it comes to rap music being known for his mush-mouthed utterances. He is not shy to who he is and owns it to the most authentic route there is. 

Thug has a sound like no other and a style to match it. The music provides a special aura that appeals to various audiences and sets a mark. 

One could only guess what the album had in store. Through his music, he broke boundaries for himself based off his previous albums. 

According to Complex, Young Thug was able to receive his first Billboard No.1 with ‘So Much Fun’ being in the top spot.

For the week of Aug. 16 through Aug. 22, the album received 168 million on-demand audio streams, which made the fifth largest streaming week for any album that has come out in 2019. 

In my opinion, this by far has been Young Thug’s best album since his debut ‘No Breaking Up Till We Meet’. The lead single, “The London”, even reached number 12 on the hot 100 chart.

What better way to have fun than to bring a couple artists in to make the album what it is today. Young Thug’s album had features from artists such as Gunna, Lil Baby, Machine Gun Kelly and one of my favorites — J.Cole. 

According to an interview with Rolling Stone,Thug comments on how the album is strictly to be taken as its title. With that said, it definitely has some “bangers” on it. One of my favorite songs from the album is ‘Bad Bad Bad’ featuring Lil Baby. “Rose gold seats on a f***ing helicopter, double c’s no Chanel cause she bad bad bad.” 

The album is gold, there are not that many albums that I can sit and listen to from beginning to end with no skips, but this is one of them. 

It got me from Grambling to Shreveport just the other day. 

For Young Thug’s upcoming project, ‘Punk’, we can expect it to be the exact opposite of ‘So Much Fun’. He plans to take a more serious approach and let his fans know what he has been through. 

According to an article from Thug foretells that ‘Punk’ will most likely be his best album due to it being more like real life. 

“It’s more like Tupac”, he said.

Nonetheless, those of us that listen to Young Thug are very proud of the accomplishments he has made thus far and look forward to ‘Punk’ to grasp a deeper connection through his music.