Students display organizations

UAAM displayed their booth at the organizational fair. Courtesy photo

West Coast Club displaying their table at the Organizational Fair. Courtesy photo

The Black and Gold Room was packed with a wide variety of organizations this past Friday, Aug. 24, 2019, as the Favrot Student Union Board (FSUB) hosted their annual Organization Fair. As the size of the crowd grew, so did the energy in the room. 

Students were dancing, organizations were strolling and hopping, and each organization proudly showcased what their respective org has to offer.

 Some organizations offered incentives for visiting their booth like candy, popsicles, and more, making the event even more memorable. 

Like previous years, the music was the grand attraction. Differently than other years, FSUB included a karaoke opportunity to make the event more enjoyable. The event was so crowded, that students actually struggled to make it across the room. Nonetheless, it was still a great turnout. 

Diamond Cook, an incoming freshman, looked forward to the organization fair so that she can become knowledgeable about what GSU has to offer as far as student involvement. “It was a cool environment and experience,” said Cook. “It was a bit difficult to speak and interact with people effectively because of the music, but overall, the event was helpful.”

Keion Russell, a sophomore from Phoenix, Arizona, really enjoyed the opportunity to networkwith other organizations, as well as, other students.

 “In my opinion, the Organizational Fair gives the students the opportunity to view different orgs, and create their own network. The fair was definitely a success, and people are excited to receive more information.”

Overall, student interaction, and the opportunity to join more orgs seems to be the positives taken from this event. 

Plenty of organizations came to the fair: from established orgs like various different Greek organizations, to newly founded orgs like P.O.S.H., Pushing Our Sisters Higher, and to state clubs like the Georgia Club, they all came out to benefit students, which is the true meaning of organizational fellowship. 

Lexus Dennis, a senior from Detroit, Michigan, and member of the Midwest Club, was elated with the turnout. 

“The fair was actually super fun, and super organized. We got 20 new members that are going to help us continue our mission as an organization.” 

New members and potential interests were welcomed with high spirits, and there was not a better place to be that day.  

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